It's getting close now, keep praying

excitement, fear, sadness, irritability, joy, peace, happiness (shall I go on) we've experienced all of the above in the last few days. Our time to leave approaches and we are sad to leave friends and loved ones but we are excited for God to do something through us in NZ. The excitement of pouring into the lives of students where God has called us exhilarates us but reminds us of those lives that have touched us so deeply. If God is true to his Character, and we know He is, then He will take care of us all the way there. Many of you are praying for us so pray for relationships, details of shipping all our belongings, finances, a home in NZ, a car, friends for us and the kids and as easy a transition as is possible. We pray for the new leader here in Pullman that he will love "our kids" as we have loved them. We pray for "our kids" we haven't even met which are so far away but so close to our hearts. So... pray us on through on this next step in our journey of faith.