Free Willy er uh Knobby!

Today while traveling to buy a $50 freezer for $450 I heard on the radio (yes mom they have radio in New Zealand) that a 23 ft fully grown male Orca had beached itself in Papmoa. This beach is about 10 minutes from our house and being the awesome parents we are we wanted out kids to see a whale in the wild so to speak. Apparently we weren't the only awesome parents listening to the radio because a few thousand of our closest friends showed up with us to see the spectacle. As you can see from the photos they brought in a backhoe to create a channel for him. So we decided to wait since it looked like he might be free soon. We were not disappointed. I've seen twin engine jet boats put out less wake. Knobby, as he was called, sensed open water and with a surge that rivaled any speech given by William Wallace he pushed in one great effort and freed himself. It was AWESOME. A bit anticlimactic that he swam like a drunk frat boy after a party but still way cool. Kids were chuffed (that's a good thing by the way) and it was worth the wait in the rain.

We Are All last

Well we are all in New Zealand. The kids have started school and are loving it which is a huge answer to prayer. Amanda is eagerly awaiting her review by the nursing council. It is definitely a hurry up and wait situation. Youth stuff is going well. We took a group to the snow to snowboard a few weeks ago and below is the video. We love our rent house it is very nice and we are sad that we may actually have to move out sometime. The weather has been nice and we are planning a trip to the beach with the kiddos on sat to eat at the cafe in Maketu. Keep praying for our transition we know there is still much to come for us.