Kiwi Central is our church's holiday program that happens several times a year between terms. This video is from our last program in October which had a pirate them. The kids had a blast (so did the adults). As you can see from the video there was never a dull moment. Hats off to our Children's Pastor Sue Wilks and all her staff for putting together such a great program. Friends and family pay attention because the Moore kids make a few special cameo appearances in this video.


Powers Family said...

Oh my Gosh that looked like fun! Was that Jace that went flying off the pillow case? We miss you guys a ton. :)

The Castro's said...

Hi Moore Family!

Yes, we peek in from time to time to see how you guys are doing =) You're still in our thoughts, hearts and prayers!

The picture of the Free Willy fish... umm yeah, we'd need a BIG roaster to do any good to cook him up... in case he didn't make it =)

The video of the Snowboard trip was pretty cool!

Alrighty, you guys take care and we'll see you online again!

The Castro Family

Oh yeah, Wes is dancing with the Pacific Islanders Club here at WSu this Friday at the Dad's Weekend Luau... and of course, one of his dances is going to be the Haka =)